Monday, June 25, 2012

Filming: Day 2

Well, I guess it's not filming in the full sense of the word, as it is all stop motion... But here are some more pics I took. 
Today was the first day of actual significant filming. The other day was messing with the camera, as well as taking a couple of filler shots/intros for YouTube.

I finally started writing out a script-like thing. It's really just notes on what people should say in each scene, but I figured it would be better to take pictures of the notes in case I lost them. 

Another random shot of feet. It displays particularly well the sort of feel I was trying to get by shooting when the sun was going down, kind of dark and tense. There was too much light coming in from the window, however, and it doesn't look so great on the dolls.

Cast change! I got the three dolls from my friend (another post entirely...) and we decided that Kirsten made a better guy than Jane. Unfortunately, her braid stick out awkwardly.

I'm planning on getting some green butcher paper for a green screen, but it's kind of hard to find large quantities of bright green paper. If you happen to know where I might buy some, can you tell me? It'll make chases and such a lot easier, and ultimately more realistic.

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