Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make A Mockingjay Pin for Your Dolls

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to make a mockingjay pin out of polymer clay for your doll.
You will need: 
  • Wire (I used some bracelet wire I got for my birthday)
  • A pointy tool of some sort
  • Two magnets or a pin with backing
  • Gold polymer clay (I used Sculpey III Jewelry Gold)
  • Wire cutters (not necessary, as you can use scissors, but extremely helpful)
  • Pliers (again, not necessary, but REALLY helpful.)
  • Toaster oven
  • Foil (to bake the clay on. Don't bake anything but clay on the piece of foil. You may want to cut only a small piece.)
  • Adult help, if you need it.

First, cut a piece of wire. Then form it into a circle using the pliers. 

Next, make a snake out of some of the polymer clay. Put the clay snake around the circle of wire and fold it over it (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that).... 

Next, make a little comma-like thing out of some other clay.

Make a small isosceles triangle out of clay.

Size comparison.
They will make the body and head of the mockingjay. 

Make two wing shapes. You probably want to roll out a chunk of clay and then take pieces and form them.

Using the pointy tool, put some feathers on the wings by pressing gently on the side of the tool into the clay. Repeat for everything except the top of the wing.

 Now you've got the wings, body, and head.

 Assemble the body and head on the ring.

 Place the wings on the mocking jay (I made mine a bit too large XP)

 NOTE: This is where it starts to get a little trick and involves a lot of fine motor skills. I strongly suggest that you ask an adult if you need help, as the pin falls apart quickly if you don't do it right. Anyways, make a small pointy triangle with a little dent for the tail.

 Place on mockingjay.

 Cut a small piece of wire. Put some clay around it, like you did for the circle of wire.
 Make an arrowhead.
 Attach the arrowhead to the piece of wire covered by clay.
 There! Your mockingjay is nearly complete.

Now you have to wait for it to bake...

 Once the baking is complete, put your pin or magnet on the back of the mockingjay using hot glue. NOTE: This is the time where you should DEFINITELY get someone to help you. I actually burned myself a little while making this tutorial. It was not fun, and kind of messed up the back of my pin.

 This is the way the magnet/pin backing will go on the back of the shirt, so when you turn it over...

 The mockingjay stays on the front!
Here's Jane wearing the mockingjay pin.

Tips to consider:
  • In this tutorial, I made the wings too long, so they were kind of smushed close together. You should try making your's a bit shorter.
  • TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) may be helpful in get parts to stick. The arrow fell off of mine quite a few times.
  • Try making mixtures of other colors to get a nice mockingjay color. I just used what I had. (I really need to get to Michaels)

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the poor picture quality!

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