Monday, July 2, 2012

AG Doll Food on Etsy

Warning: This is kind of a rant.

I was surfing Etsy today, which is always fun. I decided to check out the AG doll food on there... and was decidedly underwhelmed. Some to most of the food is actually decent looking, but what really gets me is the price. People ask $5 for a cupcake. A single cupcake. I can buy a couple of 2 ounce packs of clay for that. And a single cupcake definitely does not use two packs of clay. I understand that it takes time and energy to make polymer clay things, but could they have priced it a little more reasonably?  Some of the things in this category cost upward of $20, in fact.

I must say that I admire the artistry involved in making something so tiny, but do wish that it was more reasonably priced.

Links to some of my favorites (regardless of price, just looking at awesome factor):

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