Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes-- Making a Blog Post

So, it might seem like it's really easy to keep up a blog. In fact, that's what I thought when I first started blogging. I was definitely wrong.

Step 1: Get an idea.
Getting an idea for a post is actually quite easy for me, because there's loads of inspiration on the AG website and various doll blogs.

Step 2: Take photos. (Time: ~40 min--1hr)
This is the most time consuming part of the process. I take lots of photos to make sure I get the best possible one. Also, as I don't have an artificial lighting source, I have to shoot whenever the sun's at a good angle.

Step 3: Download photos onto computer. (30 sec--1 min)
Now that we have an iMac, this takes about a minute if I'm loading a lot of photos.

Step 4: Choose photos to use. (20 min--30 min)
This takes a bit because I have to go through all the photos I took. To get a good reference point, I took 102 photos for a blog post that's 5 images long. That's about 20 pictures per actual image that will make it on the blog.

Step 5: Edit pictures [optional] (10 min--40 min)
If the photos need cropping, I want to add words/ a watermark, or I want to edit some colors, I use photoshop. This means I open each individual photo and go through it, sometimes changing the curves, etc.

Step 6: Load onto blog (5 min--forever)
This depends on how many pictures I'm using.

Step 7: Write stuff (5 min-- 20 min)
The amount of time depends on how much writing needs to go with each image.

Step 8: Publish!

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