Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This tutorial has 4 parts: the strawberries, the waffle, the whipped cream, and the plate. It is based on the Breakfast In Bed set by AG, because I know that it can be made for way cheaper.

What you'll need:
  • Red polymer clay
  • Green polymer clay
  • White polymer clay
  • Yellow polymer clay
  • Tan polymer clay
  • A skewer or other sharp, pointy object
  • A small round object
  • A larger round object
  • A square toothpick or a matchstick (ask an adult)

PART I-- Strawberries
 First, get a blob of red polymer clay and a small blob of green polymer clay.

 Flatten the green polymer clay out.

 Create little slits around the green clay for leaves.

 Roll the red clay into a strawberry-like shape (below is the finished result).

 Poke little holes in the red clay for seeds using your skewer/other pointy object (finished results below).

 Put the green clay on top of the red clay.

PART II-- Whipped cream
 Get a large blob of white clay and a small blob of red clay.

 Mix together.

 Use your smaller round object to press into the sphere.

 Press onto the table to smooth.

Remove small round object.

Take your white clay and make it into a ball. Twist with your fingers so a bit comes off and you get a nice "soft-serve" look.

 Place in bowl.

PART III: Waffle
Get tan, white, and yellow polymer clay.


Flatten your ball of clay out. It is important to make sure that when you flatten it out it is still pretty thick.

Using your skewer, make an indentation.

Round out the edges to form a heart.

 Using your square toothpick/match stick, make indentations in your heart.

 The finished product should look something like this. If you'd like, you can do the other side.

PART IV-- Plate
 Get some white clay.

Roll it out.

Put it around the bottom of your larger circular object. Make sure the edges are even.

 Pull off the clay.

I can make a tutorial for fun foam as well, if you'd like.

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