Saturday, July 7, 2012

Doll School Supplies

Although you may be loath to think of school during the summer, these are things your doll can use year-round.
I made this book out of a print out of a book cover (see below) and a bunch of cut out pages from an old school workbook. The book, for reference, is about the size of my doll's hand, or a little larger. The book covers had to be resized in photoshop, but there are plenty of other image editing programs that are free (Pixlr is my favorite online one, but you can also download GIMP if your internet connection is spotty.)

Click on this to zoom in. It has instructions as to obtaining your own book covers for your dolls.

Here is some doll-sized binder paper. To print it, open another tab. Then drag the image onto the tab. It should open in the tab, and you can press Ctrl+P (for Windows) or Cmd+P (for Mac) to print. Cut along the light gray lines.


  1. Thanks for doing the hard part for us. The girls will love it.