Monday, July 2, 2012

Filming, Day... Nonexistent

... I'm going to get back to filming tomorrow. I need it to be light out to do these things, especially for this scene. I'm having a particularly difficult time with this one because of the set. *MILD SPOILERS* Natalie (aka Samantha) is supposed to be walking up to the main gate of InnerstarU. I want it to feel all majestic, but also kind of fun and suspenseful at the same time. Which probably isn't going to happen, considering my limited set budget (most sets amount to a bunch of AG boxes piled creatively with some sort of sheet or mat over them) and the fact that it's just not humanly possible to do all three things at once. *END MILD SPOILERS* Beyond that, I've got the plot for you. It's hilariously simple, but I won't post it here right now because it's pretty obvious what's going to happen if you know it.

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