Thursday, August 23, 2012

4 Things to do with a Paper Cup

One of the more prevalent items in my household are paper cups. Here's a tutorial on how to make some awesome stuff with them.

Ideas #1-2: Snowcone Cup or Party Hat

 Materials you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A paper cup

 First, cut up the seam on the side of the cup.

 Next, cut around the bottom. Make sure you do this neatly, as this will be important later.

 This is how your cup should look after the bottom has been cut out. Remember to save the bottom of the cup!

Now, bring one of the sides of the cup under the other....

... They should form a point.

 Tape the cup so that it doesn't fall apart.

Cut off the pointy part that is left so that the bottom is a circle

This is how it should look.

 Here's Felicity wearing her party hat! This can also be made into a snow cone cup if you'd like.

Idea #3: Plate
 Remember how I told you not to get rid of the bottom of the cup? Bottoms of paper cups make great paper plates!

Idea #4: Trash can
Help your doll declutter by getting rid of things such as candy wrappers and spoiled food. You can also label a paper cup "Recycling" and help your doll save the earth!

Friday, August 17, 2012


In case you were wondering what I'm going to post next... Here's a badly photoshopped picture of it. Any guesses?

It's still a work in progress.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Results of Our First Poll!

This past month, we had a poll sitting on the sidebar. I'm pleased to say that we got a total of 13 votes. Here are the results:

Poll: What Should I Make Next Out of Polymer Clay?
7-- A dessert of some type
2-- A main course
4-- Something that's not food

And the winner is... A dessert! Please comment on this post to tell me what this dessert should be, and I'll get ready to make a post on it. Since the runner up is something other than food, please tell me what you think that should be as well.

I'll have a new poll up soon. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ultimate Back-To-School Guide

Alas, the summer is drawing to a close and school is about to begin. Before you hit the books, why not help your doll study up?

I made this locker out of a shoe box, some duct tape, and a locker front in the Doll School book (but you can also crop and resize this to make one).


Samantha is wearing silver ballet flats and jeans for the first day of school.

She is also wearing the top from the old JLY meet outfit. I decided to mix and match a bit so her outfit would be kind of funky.

School Supplies

 The doll backpack I have is retired and purple. It's pretty cool, and even has a place for a doll iPod.

 Don't forget textbooks! If you don't have a doll-sized one like the one above, you can try making your own by covering a piece of cardboard with construction paper and writing the name of the subject on it. Add stickers. You can also try searching "textbook cover design" for something like the book in this post.

 Basic necessities for your doll include her library card (to check out books), money (for lunch), and a travel pass (for the bus).

 If your doll wants to pack lunch instead of buying it, she can make one at home! For the lunch bag, I used a small favor bag. The water bottle came with the doll backpack. An apple can be made out of a red bead, and a sandwich can be made out of tan and yellow foam.

Make sure your doll has books for silent reading and history! (The books are from the Costco books and dolls packs)

 Have a pencil case and binder ready for when she needs to take notes. (Binder from the MyAG accessories set [I think] and pencil case from the school chair with desk)

 Inside the binder, have a notebook or binder paper at the ready so she can write stuff down. You can get printable binder paper here.

 Help your doll learn her schedule and keep track of important assignments with a planner.

Binder clips and rubber bands are useful when trying to keep papers together. (I used a mini binder clip. I think you can find them at office supply stores.)

 Give your doll some pencils for drawing and work. (These colored pencils are a bit large for my dolls, but they're the smallest I've got).

A pencil box with erasers is a must for mistakes. (The erasers are the ones you can get at dollar stores and the pencil box is a box for a pack of small cards, also probably from a dollar store.)


If your doll enjoys computer class, you might consider investing in a computer for her. (This laptop is from one of Lanie's sets when she was GOTY. There are lots of pictures of computers online that you can print and paste onto pieces of cardboard to make computers as well.)

Does your doll like doodling? Art might be a good class for her! Make an artist's pad using a piece of paper with decorations on it folded over a piece of cardboard/thin piece of foam.

The Locker

 Decorate your doll's locker with motivational posters and stickers. You can even use some of your human-sized stickers as mini posters!

Put your doll's P.E. clothes in her locker, along with her water bottle so she's ready to go for gym class.

 Put books, her lunch, and any instrument she might have as well in her locker until she needs them for a class.

Here's the full interior of the storage part of the locker.

Tour of the Classroom

Make a desk for the teacher! Make sure to include lots of pens and pencils, some tissues, a laptop, a planner, and lesson plans for the next day.

A notice board is a great way to let people know what's going on in the classroom. 

Write things on the whiteboard to help your students learn important concepts.

 Put up a lunch menu so your dolls can see what's for lunch.

An old-fashioned alphabet strip around the classroom can help your dolls practice cursive.

Make sure your doll has a place to sit! You can make a desk out of a shoebox if you don't have a school desk. Just cut out a hole for her legs.

 Hang posters on the walls about what your dolls have been doing in class. It's nice for them to see their best work hung on display for everyone to see.

Have a calendar in the classroom, especially if you run a club at the school. That way your students will know when important dates are, as well as meetings for the club.


We won an award!

 1. Thank the person who gave the award (unless you're seriously bummed that you got the award) and leave a link.
Thanks, Emma! Her blog is at

2. Why did you get a blog?
I enjoy writing, photography, and working with clay, so this seemed like a thing that I would really enjoy.

3. What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is the bottlenose dolphin.

4. What inspired your blog template?
The blog template seems to change constantly, but the one that I did put up awhile back was inspired by the basic colors of the AG website, just a bit pinker.

5. What is/are your favorite color(s)? Blue, purple, and green.

6. What is your favorite thing about your blog?
My favorite thing about my blog is the creativity involved in doing thing for American Girl dolls. I don't want to do things that everyone else does, because that gets boring. I also enjoy the amazing AG bloggers and the way they're able to do this so well.

7. What's your favorite blog?
Must I choose one? That's just so hard!

8. Award five people this award:
Wow, it seems like everyone has this award already. But let me try to find some...
-Well, I just found this blog: and it's pretty awesome. 

Thanks again :D

I'll be posting some awesome wilderness pictures soon.