Thursday, August 23, 2012

4 Things to do with a Paper Cup

One of the more prevalent items in my household are paper cups. Here's a tutorial on how to make some awesome stuff with them.

Ideas #1-2: Snowcone Cup or Party Hat

 Materials you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A paper cup

 First, cut up the seam on the side of the cup.

 Next, cut around the bottom. Make sure you do this neatly, as this will be important later.

 This is how your cup should look after the bottom has been cut out. Remember to save the bottom of the cup!

Now, bring one of the sides of the cup under the other....

... They should form a point.

 Tape the cup so that it doesn't fall apart.

Cut off the pointy part that is left so that the bottom is a circle

This is how it should look.

 Here's Felicity wearing her party hat! This can also be made into a snow cone cup if you'd like.

Idea #3: Plate
 Remember how I told you not to get rid of the bottom of the cup? Bottoms of paper cups make great paper plates!

Idea #4: Trash can
Help your doll declutter by getting rid of things such as candy wrappers and spoiled food. You can also label a paper cup "Recycling" and help your doll save the earth!

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