Monday, September 10, 2012

More clay ideas, and some personal stuff (won't bore you though)

Hey guys-
Went to the doctor today (like I said, I've been sick all week). They said I have a sinus infection (ugh), but gave me a lollipop, which was nice. Most people don't give me lollipops anymore. So I'll probably be out of school for today and possibly tomorrow, depending on the antibiotics and whether or not they work. If my energy level is high enough, I might even do what I'm going to explain in this post. Onto the real post...

If you haven't read this post from the Doll Wardrobe, you definitely should. They review a few of Caroline's things, and it's pretty cool. One thing they had a complaint about was Caroline's applesauce cake. I am thinking about making it out of clay, to see if I can do it any better. Does this sound like a good idea? As there are no tutorials online for making this (as far as I know), it probably won't be very good, but I'll try my best. :)

What do you think?


  1. Sorry to here that. We all have colds. I think you should make the applesauce cake. I am going to make it.=^..^=

  2. You're so lucky that you got a lollipop! I never get those anymore! I hope you feel better though! I definitely think you should make the cake, you're very good with clay!
    By the way I nominated you for an award:

    -Emma :D