Meet the Dolls

Michelle's Dolls
Jane plans to write and direct her own movie when she gets older. Currently, she is shooting a short with Natalie (pictures from behind the scenes to come soon!)

Natalie loves nature. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and camping.


Molly's Dolls

I have 6 practically 7 dolls! I've been collecting since I was 7. So here are all my dolls!

First, I got Kit I won her at a raffle in October 2008

Second, I got Mia for my birthday in 2008.

Third, I got Julie for my birthday in 2009

Fourth, I got Lanie for my birthday in 2010

Fifth, I got Emily (MAG #29) with my Christmas 

Sixth, I got Kanani for my birthday in 2011

I'm getting my 7th doll on Tuesday or Wednesday she is MAG #55 and her name will be Alyssa Katniss Everdeen. I can't wait I might post some pics of me opening her! I don't know.

Comment your favorite doll/ outfit you might it in the next post (includes Alyssa) and what I should blog about next!

Zoe's dolls

                                   Sorry this is only one out of 2 of my dolls. Meet Kaya!


  1. I have my ag number 55 I named her Destiny Brookes and Im changing her wid cos I got a lil bit scissor happy and maybe my Destiy nd ur Alyssa can be twins?? write back on my blog here is the url :

  2. oh right i have to edit this page i gave my 55 to yeah i might get her back but i do not know but yeah...

  3. I Have Shannon (MYAG #37, Lindsey (MYAG #24, and Holly (Newest MYAG #61